protecting workers

Protecting Workers During the Summer

Working outdoors in extreme hear or indoors in hot environments has the potential to adversely affect the health of thousands of Arizona workers. Fortunately, there are plenty of precautions you can take to prevent heat-related illness, including: Be prepared Before your shift begins, listen to local weather forecasts or visit The Weather Channel for information […]

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Soundproofing Techniques

Imagine sitting comfortably in a room in your house, hoping to get some much-needed work done or catch up on seasons of your favorite show, when suddenly you find your windows rattling alongside a pounding beat. The source? A neighboring music festival or rave. While these types of events may seem harmless enough, if they […]

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Advances in Construction Technology

The 21st century is seriously taking the construction industry by storm with what was previously considered futuristic technologies, such as 3D printing, unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) and augmented reality systems. In use today, these technologies have the ability to increase efficiency, allowing fewer projects to run behind schedule or over budget. Just some of the […]

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Creating Drywall Art

  Adding beautiful art to your home is never, ever a bad idea. But what about adding art that is so beautiful and unique, it’ll become the best conversation piece you’ve ever had? That’s where dry wall art comes in. With the following tips and maybe even a little help from a professional , you’ll […]

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Raised Access Data Flooring

Is there a more effective way for your business to store and access it’s essential and ever expanding arsenal of computing machinery? Yes, it’s called raised access data flooring, or raised computer access flooring system. Imagine having your computer and telecom equipment uncluttered and easily accessible at all times. What is a raised access floor […]

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Safety Rules for Summertime

As temperatures hover above 110-degrees, it is important for construction workers to minimize their risk of heat-related illnesses, and even more important for them to understand the importance of prevention. Heat is a frequently underestimated occupational hazard, as thousands of construction workers each year continue to become sick, due to not taking the necessary steps […]

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drywall recycling

Drywall is Recyclable!

What Is Drywall? Drywall is made of an inner layer of gypsum including various additives, sandwiched between two outer layers of paper with varying designs for weight, strength and soundproofing depending on the product’s usage. Gypsum drywall is commonly referred to as gypsum wallboard or sheet rock. Drywall is available in a large variety of […]

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