Soundproofing Exterior Sound

Let’s try to keep it quiet! As you’re probably already aware a quiet environment is essential for your well-being and safety. But what you may have not known, until now, is that studies have shown a direct link between noise and adverse health effects. Common health effects associated with increased noise pollution include stress related […]

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What 3D Printing Means for the Construction Industry

When you are at home and you want something for quick reference, whether that something is a document, recipe or email, you print it. But what if we told you that you could print the house you reside in? With rapid advancements being made in 3D printing technology, companies are building everything from playable music […]

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Hiring a Drywall Contractor? Here’s What to Look For!

Licensed and Insured: Arizona requires all contractors to be licensed, bonded and properly insured. Licensing ensures that the contractor is approved by your state of local agencies – in this case the Arizona Register of Contractors. Insurance makes it so that the contractor will be financially responsible for errors – thus providing you with the […]

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Extreme Heat and Construction

If you are a construction company in the Southwest, especially in Arizona, you are going to have times where workers will be in extreme heat. Extreme heat can be a dangerous situation to work in as workers can easily suffer from heat-related illness. It’s important to train both workers and supervisors about the dangers of […]

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